Lets be honest. Most students I've come across learning calculus either hate it, are indifferent toward it, and probably don't see the need for it. And you feel that your life will be much better once you finish your school requirement.

Your teacher might not make sense to you, and your textbook might seem confusing.

I completely understand this, and I designed this video tutorial website for you. I try my best to speak in the simplest terms, and show you the general approach so that when you see a new problem you are not stumped. This method helps everyone who is learning calculus, whether you are Einstein or a regular person.

Having said this, the best way to learn this topic or survive calculus is to practice the problems. This website provides a lot of practice problems. Please take advantage, attempt them on your own and then watch the video. Or... watch the video and then attempt it on your own. This is a great way to learn.

Success in mathematics is greatly aided by memory, practice, and creativity.